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Family Recovery Court


Family Recovery Court’s mission is to facilitate access to high quality addiction treatment, recovery supports, and child-centered services for families who are court-involved with Children Services, in order to ensure safety, well- being, and permanency for children.


Family Recovery Court is to ensure recovery from addiction among parents who have abuse, neglect, dependency cases in order to support healthy child development and family quality of life.

Family Recovery Court participants progress through phases as they plan recovery, build skills, improve parenting, and prevent relapses.

What is Family Recovery Court?

  • FRC provides parents who have had their children removed or at risk of removal access to drug and alcohol treatment, judicial monitoring of their sobriety, and individualized services  to support the entire family.
  • FRC participants gain the skills necessary to live sober lives while raising their children in a safe and secure environment. 
  • FRC goals are to ensure the safety and welfare of children by helping parents resolve their substance abuse problems.  
  • FRC participants who qualify for acceptance into the program must comply with requirements of each program phase. 
  • FRC participants will attend regular pro-social activities, drug testing, frequent Court appearances, individualized treatment, sober support meetings and an evidence based parenting class — Celebrating Families.

General Information

Abuse, Neglect, Dependency & Custody
(513) 887-3308
(513) 887-3896
Fax: (513) 887-3698